Meet Our Team




Alistair is the Chef at our restaurant in Hedon. He has been a chef for a decade now and his love for the job is matched only by his wealth of knowledge and experience that comes with it. He holds a particular adoration for cooking and serving fish, having been a fisherman in his early years, but also has a natural eye for presentation and works hard to continuously apply and develop his skills. Though a humble and reluctant type, Alistair is a pillar of the values held dear to Luxe.

Alistair says: “I couldn’t be happier and more proud to be part of such an incredible team. We ensure that we always maintain very high standards when creating our food and we’re all very driven and passionate about what we do.”

Favourite Dish: It would have to be the sizzler – it’s vibrant in colour, seasoned perfectly and smells beautiful.”



Jordan’s position at Luxe is so far very much a carbon copy of how Tom’s career unfolded. Jordan brought his reputation as a meticulous and hard-working Kitchen Porter to Luxe yet very quickly demonstrated his ability to prepare food with a rare passion. As such, Jordan has gone from strength to strength and is a hugely valued member of the team, still contributing to the maintenance of exceptionally high hygiene standards in the kitchen but increasingly involved in the preparation, cooking and delivery of quality food to our customers. Jordan has a bright future.

Favourite Dish: “I really like the Fillet Steak Pasta because it’s such a delicate dish that has so many different flavours that come together and combine perfectly for a unique flavour.”




Recently graduated from college with qualifications in patisserie and confectionery, Leah has an exceptional talent for baking and hopes one day to own her own bakery. Initially joining Luxe to gain valuable customer experience, Leah recently brought her expertise into the Luxe kitchen during the ‘Steakaway’ days and excelled in the fresh bread and pizza section.

A popular and hardworking member of the front of house team, Leah is also a skilled bartender and is passionate about delivering great service as well as delicious cocktails to our guests.

Favourite Dish: “It has to be the Buttermilk Chicken Burger, no question!”



Robyn is a full-time college student, studying health and social care with the aim of going into nursing but meanwhile working part-time at the restaurant in Hedon as a waitress.

Robyn joined Luxe in the last year and has developed her confidence noticeably ever since. In addition, Robyn’s growing passion for delivering great food and service to our customers has made her an increasingly important and highly valued member of the team.

Favourite Dish: “I love the seabass. It looks and tastes delicious!”